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Leading Effective Organizational Change

"Leading Effective Organization Change gave our staff an opportunity to assess the issues related to change and address how we can effectively turn negatives into positives. Everyone from the management level to the administrative level participated, thanks to the excellent and knowledgeable facilitator. This was a very comprehensive workshop, one that is well worth the investment of time and resources."
Diane Ritchie Howerton, Regional Director
UC Merced Small Business Development Center Network

“I would recommend this class to others because it is really beneficial to our organization as we go through tough times.”
Matt Powers, Prison Industries

“I would recommend this class to others because he (Merle) is well organized, and prepared to present relevant and important information pertaining to leading effective change.”
Lee D.

Understanding Behavioral Styles

“I just wanted to thank you for bringing the class Understanding Behavioral Styles (DiSC) to our District. What an awesome and interactive seminar! I have not benefitted so much from a class in all of my years with the state. It provided fantastic insight into my own behavior style, as well as how best to understand and work cooperatively with persons of different behavior styles from my own. I cannot wait to put some of this knowledge into practice!

Merle Switzer did an amazing job, was engaging and informative. I would highly recommend this class to anyone presented with an opportunity to take it! If presented with the opportunity, please share with him my enjoyment of the class and satisfaction with all of the information I was given. You might suggest he leave evaluation cards so that he can document some of this positive feedback (I've heard nothing but good things from all who were fortunate enough to take it). Great job and thank you!!”

Upward Leadership

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you once again for the excellent class you gave us. I truly enjoyed and will use the information you taught us during this class. Your presentation was informative and engaging. You used many examples from your personal and professional life to outline what you were teaching…as well as solicited many responses from our class on actual situations we face on a day-to-day basis. I came away feeling like I learned some valuable tools to assist me with my unit and with the company as well. I will be giving my unit the 'Perspectives About Leading Change' survey this week."

“I would recommend this class to others because it really stimulated me to look at my style of leadership and identify areas of weakness.”

“The thing that helped me most was understanding that people resist change for a variety of reasons and not just because they want to be difficult.”

“I would recommend this class because it provides tools to improve yourself as a leader and others around you.”

The thing that helped me most was the emphasis on how we need to care about the workforce if we expect to succeed.”

“I would recommend this class to others because Merle has a lot of energy and enthusiasm. You’ll be forced to think and participate throughout the course.”

Developing High Performing Teams

“The thing I liked most was the stages of team development...you never stop learning in this class and have fun too.”

“I would recommend this class to others because it provided specific team building tactics, useable in both corporate and public safety.”

“I would recommend this class to others because I have a much greater sense of exactly how the team process comes together.”




Being new to my management role, I’ve experienced tremendous value in working with Merle. As a management coach, he’s helped open my eyes to new, productive ways to approach my leadership position, and more effective methods of reacting, responding, and collaborating with fellow managers and team members. He is a wealth of useful ideas, both conceptual and tactical. I find that my sessions with Merle help create the time I need to take pause, proactively evaluate the bigger picture, and in turn, enable better, more responsible action plans for the good of my team members and the entire company. I’ve noticed a great improvement in our entire management team, since working with Merle.

Michelle P., January 2012

It has been a pleasure having you as a coach. The coaching approach you exhibit is supportive and productive. The results I have achieved over the last 6 months have allowed my communications within my organization improve immensely. The feedback I have received from my team that my level of commitment and communication is showing and is greatly appreciated. I look forward to our sessions and growing my skills as a manager. I sincerely thank you for providing the guidance and options that allow me to continue improving in my field.

Reba B., December 2011



Team Building

“Merlin, I want to thank you for your work with our management group last Monday and Tuesday. It has already borne fruit. We will be utilizing some of our talented younger managers to go through a SWAT analysis at an every work group level. The planning for this will begin next Monday, and I hope that it will result in an improved organization-wide understanding of strategic moves forward for this organization…A member of our staff has already purchased and is half way through “Switch” and I plan to procure some of your recommended reading as well, and will encourage others of our group to do some reading also. Although it was tough on our group to take the time away from all of our pressing issues, the workshop serves to bring our collective energy to bear on the effort to adjust our agency and the community’s expectations, to our fiscal realities in a way that serves us well in the future. Thanks so much for your part in providing us some good tools to use. I am so glad Chris provided all of us this opportunity and we will use it well.”

Jane A. Chamber, City Manager for City of Ukiah

“Merle Switzer has an exceptional talent to engage a group to achieve exceptional results. The best facilitator that I have worked.”

Mark Puthuff, Chief of Police, Fort Bragg Police Department

“Once again, thank you for your exceptional job in facilitating our recent Chula Vista Team Building Workshop, focusing on the implementation of Geographic Based Policing and Succession Planning. The entire management and command staff were more than satisfied with the accomplishments at the end of the two day workshop. During my almost thirty (30) years in law enforcement, I have participated in over six (6) management/executive workshops. Without hesitation, this was one of the more productive workshops. The workshop not only met our expectations, but exceeded them.

Thanks again for sharing your Community Policing and Leadership expertise and background. The organization is better prepared to move forward with our Geographical Based Policing Model and Succession Planning.”

David Bejarano, Chief of Police, Chula Vista Police Department

"As Sheriff-Coroner of Tuolumne County, I write this letter recommending Merlin Switzer for a Team Building Workshop facilitator. Merle spent 3 days with the management group from our Sheriff's Office. He was able to facilitate some excellent communication amongst my staff and helped us to create some highly desired and achievable goals. He managed to keep our large group on task and focused, which at times was a grueling task.I'm proud to say that our team accomplished three of the four goals that were set during the workshop and are working towards accomplishing the last one. Merle has been diligent in following up with our agency and is quick to officer assistance if necessary.I would highly recommend Merle Switzer as a facilitator for any leadership workshop. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or require additional information."
James W. MeleSheriff-Coroner, Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department




Given his exceptional leadership and instructional expertise, our organization contracted with Merle in 2005 to create and facilitate a series of workshops on peace officer recruitment and retention. He documented the results of the workshops a year later in a comprehensive publication entitled Recruitment and Retention Best Practices. We subsequently contracted with Merle for creation of a recruitment strategic planning guide. This proved to be an excellent complementary follow up document. Both the best practices and strategic planning publications may be viewed online via POST’s website: www. post.ca.gov.

Most recently, we have enlisted Merle’s services to facilitate development of a futures planning capability within POST. From November of 2009 through last month, Merle led a select cadre of POST employees through application of the strategic foresight futuring methodology. This intensive effort led to creation of a product that is expected to be the framework for ongoing strategic planning within POST and serve as a process template for all other law enforcement agencies in the State.

I continue to be quite pleased and impressed with Merle Switzer’s quality of work product in furtherance of POST’s mission. I am particularly impressed with the responsiveness that has been consistently demonstrated. To me, this is a huge attribute and one that enables projects to be completed on time and in a manner that never comprises quality. I highly recommend the services of Dr. Merle Switzer.

Mike Hooper, California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training

I had the pleasure to work with Merlin Switzer throughout the last year on a city-wide initiative consultant project, more specifically for recruitment training at the Bridgeport Police Department. This training took place on March 24th and 25th 2010, at the Bridgeport Police Department Training Academy.

Mr. Switzer is very professional and he takes extreme pride in the services that he provides. I was able to assess his performance in the classroom and in other settings, and he was a keen ability to ralate to the class participants. He goes above and beyond to ensure that each individual understands the concepts of his curriculum and he approaches learning in a patient and effective manner. It was a pleasure to work with Melin, and the officers he trained formed the first ever recruitment team in the history of our department. This team, guided by the educational and practical training taught by Mr. Switzer, was able to recruit 2,200 candidates for our current class 25 recruits.

I highly recommend Mr. Switzer to provide instruction for all levels of police training. He has a wide array of instructional methods which include PowerPoint presentations, facilitated discussions, and small group activities. The quality of his handout material was remarkable and the class benefited tremendously. I have also attached a copy of his class evaluation for your review.

Lt. Lonnie Blackwell, Bridgeport Police Department

Process Overview

Leadership teams are critical for organizational success. Our team building
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