In our leadership journey, we periodically need to assess who we are as leaders and retool. Retooling is the process of taking time out to think about our leadership, assessing where we need to sharpen the edge, and boldly embracing new behaviors to sharpen our effectiveness, so that we stay focused on what is important and how to get the best results After all, this is what highly effective people do.

God has placed each of us in a unique position. There is no one else in the exact position you are at this time and in this place. We each have a role to fulfill as leaders in the marketplace. Unfortunately, many Christian leaders, who I refer to as Biblical leaders, live lives that are compartmentalized, rather than actively collaborating with the God of all wisdom and embracing his Biblical leadership principles that can dramatically transform your leadership.

Bold Leadership: Biblical Principles for Marketplace Impact offers insight and examples from nearly 80 Christian marketplace leaders. These leaders are men and women who are living their faith in a world that seems increasingly hostile…and doing it successfully. They include people like David Green, Founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby, Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, Susan Hares, Senior Director of IP Standards for Huawei Technologies (USA), and Christine Johnson, President of the Mutual of Omaha Foundation. They come from many different sectors, but share a common theme of serving God in the marketplace during the good times and challenging times. Their stories will speak to your heart, mentor you, and encourage you to sharpen your leadership edge as “iron sharpens iron!”


“Bold Leadership is an essential book not only for leaders in business, but also for those in government, education, and the church. Leaders guided by Biblical principles, and living out their faith through their professional calling, can not only impact the marketplace, but can transform society.”

Patrick Gelsinger, President and CEO, EMC Information Infrastructure Products, EMC Corporation
“I chose to spend time with [Merlin Switzer] to share some of my life in order to inspire and show that leadership based on Biblical principles can be accomplished with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as our true and perfect example. I believe that [Bold Leadership] conveys this message very well.”

David Green, CEO, Hobby Lobby

“If you believe your vocation is a calling, not a curse, read this book. If you have longed to know how a person can be both Christian and competent in the marketplace, read this book. If you have wondered whether excellence in leadership and character in Christ can go together, read this book.”

Dr. John Jackson, President of William Jessup University and author of 6 books on leadership and
strategic influence

“In my many years as a Christian in the marketplace, I have seen God’s mighty hand guiding my work and my business. If every Christian business leaders follows the examples and the principles of the book Bold Leadership the impact would be tremendous for the Kingdom.

Ralph Meloon, Sr., Ambassador, Former CEO & Chairman, Correct Craft

“[Bold Leadership: Biblical Principles for Marketplace Impact] is a must read for anyone aspiring to a position of leadership and influence.”

Dave Dias, Vice President, Board of Directors, InterWest Insurance Services, Inc.

“[Bold Leadership: Biblical Principles for Marketplace Impact] is a helpful guide and inspiration to any Christian leader in the marketplace who wants to apply Biblical Principles into his life and vocation. It is filled with real life stories/experiences, Bible verses, and Leadership Tips that help a leader navigate through challenges. The approach is very different from the hundreds of secular books offered. It requires personal transformation.”

Gary Duncan, Former President/CEO, Jacuzzi (Canadian Operations)

“As I became enveloped in Dr. Switzer’s exhortation for Bold Leadership: Biblical Principles for Marketplace Impact, my immediate reaction was, why wasn’t this book available when I began my own enterprise in 1976? Had it been, the pages would have quickly become dog-eared and the myriad spiritual truths highlighted for constant reference. Each chapter contains gleanings from nearly 80 Christian business men and women whose active faith and adherence to Biblical principles not only made them successful, but extended Christ’s Light in our increasingly secular market square. That this timely book truly inspires and encourages business leaders to reflect their faith sets it apart. Thankfully, my son will have the advantage of this book.”

Ed Fleming, Retired Business Owner

“Bold Leadership: Biblical Principles for Marketplace Impact provides specific examples and tools that anyone at any level can use to be ‘salt and light’ at work. It’s encouraging to read how just one small action can make a huge impact in someone’s current and eternal life. We can transform the marketplace for Christ if each of us simply model the leadership highlighted in Dr. Switzer’s book.”

Pam Fischer Korth, President, Christian Business Women’s Fellowship

“During almost 30 years as a big game guide in Alaska, I have had the privilege of spending private time in the vast wilderness of Alaska with the greatest leaders in our nation, President Bush Sr., Franklin Graham, Chuck Swindoll, and Dave Dravecky among many others. …No one survives life-testing events well without great leadership principles in place. The greatest leader of them all, Jesus, led a fearful band of disciples who became bold and changed the world forever. [Dr. Switzer’s book] stresses bold Biblical leadership. …This book is fascinating and the best Christian book I have ever read on this subject.”

Rocky McElveen, Author: “Wild Men, Wild Alaska,” series, Renowned Alaskan Big Game Guide and Owner of

“[Bold Leadership: Biblical Principles for Marketplace Impact] is a compelling read of the impact that the business leader can have on his or her business, community and church. [This book], 200 pages of stories of business leaders who show how their faith guides them as they run their companies, is a breath of fresh air to those of us who have difficulty meshing our workplace with our faith. Bold Leadership is a guidebook for any Christian in business seeking a competitive edge in business, while serving their God and community with integrity.”

Aric Resnicke, Founder, Christian Business Roundtable

“[In Bold Leadership: Biblical Principles for Marketplace Impact,]Merlin Switzer takes a lifetime of practical experience in following God’s hand and weaves his compelling narrative into a beautiful story designed to enlighten and encourage people of any faith into action in serving others in the marketplace. This is a story of a man blessed with a servant’s heart who shows leaders the way to lead with strength through humility. You will love how his stories impact your faith and compel you to action.”

Tom Schulte, Executive Director, Linked 2 Leadership, and CEO, Recalibrate Professional Development

“Bold Leadership: Biblical Principles for Marketplace Impact is an excellent book conveying Biblical concepts of leadership and marketplace management while incorporating contemporary examples into the text. Readers of Dr. Switzer’s book will come away from it with a deeper sense of what it means to be a bold effective leader.”

Bruce E. Winston, PhD, Dean, School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Regent University

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Dr. Switzer is available to speak at conferences, business groups and churches about Biblically based leadership in the marketplace.

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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter One: Bold Leadership
  • Chapter Two: A Biblical Foundation for Work
  • Chapter Three: Christians First – Vocationalist Second
  • Chapter Four: Biblically Principled Values for the Marketplace
  • Chapter Five: Disciplines of A Biblical Leader
  • Chapter Six: Leveraging Teamwork
  • Chapter Seven: Becoming A Strategic Thinker
  • Chapter Eight: Confronting Challenges
  • Chapter Nine: Leadership Legacy
  • Chapter Ten: Concluding Thoughts & Advice from the Field

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