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AiA CLASSIC™: A 50-YEAR-OLD PROCESS USED BY MORE THAN 5 MILLION PEOPLE! AiA Classic™, formerly called Adventures in Attitudes®, is one of the largest and most widely attended learning systems in the world for employees, managers, salespeople, supervisors, and executives.

Employee attitude is increasingly cited as the number one performance-related issue of companies, and the top skills defined by employers as being critical in the employee workforce are the following:

  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Personal Management
  • Group Effectiveness
  • Leadership

AiA Classic is uniquely designed to address all of these areas in a lasting and meaningful way.

THE FORMAT – AiA Classic consists of 10 three-hour units or 20 ninety-minute modules, providing a range of scheduling options. The units are flexible and can take place one day a week for three weeks, as 10 or 20 sessions spread out over time, or even on consecutive days. A total of 74 different projects are carried out in small groups of four, with every group member getting a chance to lead. The makeup of the groups changes frequently and in a random fashion. The exercises are designed to practice group leadership, teamwork in problem-solving activities, and negotiation and consensus-building under time constraints. Groups practice synthesizing the content of their discussions and reporting their results either verbally or in writing. In short, participants practice all the skills and strategies employers and organizations need most from today’s worker.

Facilitator Kits are available. The AiA Classic Participant Workbook is only available in paper. For more information and pricing, call us at (916) 788-1094 or email us at info@switzeronleadership.com.


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