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DISCOVERING DIVERSITY PROFILE® - Organizations know they must help employees understand, accept, and capitalize on differences. They know the cultural backgrounds and experiences of diverse employees and customers can enrich the organization, making it more innovative and globally competitive.

EXPLORE DIVERSITY ISSUES IN FOUR KEY AREAS – The Discovering Diversity Profile helps individuals explore their own viewpoints on workforce diversity in four key areas:

  • Knowledge: Employees examine what they know about differences and where that information comes from.
  • Understanding: Employees learn how willing they are to put themselves in a position to feel what others may be feeling.
  • Acceptance: Employees assess how patient and respectful they are of diverse behaviors and backgrounds.
  • Behavior: Employees gain insight into how they act out their attitudes toward others.

Once employees identify their current attitudes about workforce diversity, the Discovering Diversity Profile helps them understand how their viewpoints and behaviors affect others. They’ll get specific suggestions on how to limit the influence of stereotypes, reduce conflict, and embrace diversity as a source of organizational strength.

GAIN INSIGHT, TAKE ACTION, VALUE DIVERSITY – The Discovering Diversity Profile will help individuals in your organization:

  • Discover their personal comfort level with people who are different from themselves
  • Understand the impact of their behavior on others
  • Limit the influence of stereotypes
  • Reduce conflict
  • Transform knowledge into acceptance and empathy
  • Embrace diversity as a source of organizational strength

Facilitator Kits are available. The Discovering Diversity Profile is available in paper and online versions. For more information and pricing, call us at (916) 788-1094 or email us at info@switzeronleadership.com.


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